The Real Cost Is Your Data

I’ve personally never used Door Dash or any other food delivery service mainly because I don’t want to pay extra for my food. In fact I think the resturant should give me a discount for going to the store and picking it up myself. Did you know they pay 30% of the meal price to the delivery service?

DoorDash hack leaks data of 4.9 million customers, restaurants

I’m not concerned about my data because I’m not one of those 4.9 million customers, but you may be.

I can see some valid cases for using a delivery service, but for the most part I see it as being designed for lazy people. I was at a meeting recently and saw a person order fast food and have it delivered. Now keep in mind this person just drove there just like me. It’s common for people to bring food to this meeting as it’s around dinnner time. I usually stop along the way and pick up something. This person could have stopped and got out of the car and brought the food to the meeting and honestly the effort of getting out of the car and walking would not hurt their obesity issue. Needless to say, he ordered his food and paid even more money to get it delivered and maybe even had the delivery person take a little taste.

Choose The Less Convenient Option

Almost all of the problems you face with data security come as a result of choosing convenience over privacy and security. My recommendation is stop using any online service that you don’t absolutely need because your data will be leaked or stolen at some point. I’ve recently deleted my facebook and other social media accounts and recommend you do the same. I’m also using more FREE Software and encourage you to learn more about the GNU FREE Software options that are available. I started a new website called A GNU Way Of Thinking to teach people about GNU Software. If you need help reach feel free to contact me.