Woman Looking Through Binoculars

Will You Let Me Watch You All Day?

You would probably say, HELL NO! Then why do you let Google and other companies track every little thing you do online? I’d like to get you to stop using every piece of spyware, malware and tracking software today, but we have to go one step at a time.

Start Taking Baby Steps

Start using a different search engine. I personally use StartPage.com most of the time. Sometimes I use DuckDuckGo.com. They are both good. The Google Search Engine is Broken. Google started out good but they now have a political bias and agenda and their search engine is broken. It has been revealed that they are using blacklists and other techniques to influence the AI Algorithim to give the results they want you to see. Eric Shmidt has said on video that if Google Search gives more than one anwer it is broken. In addition to being broken they keep a record of eveything you search so they can build a profile on you and make money from your personal data. I refuse to participate and feed them any of my data and I encourage you to follow me and start using StartPage.com or DuckDuckGo.com