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Will You Let Me Watch You All Day?

You would probably say, HELL NO! Then why do you let Google and other companies track every little thing you do online? I’d like to get you to stop using every piece of spyware, malware and tracking software today, but we have to go one step at a time.

Start Taking Baby Steps

Start using a different search engine. I personally use StartPage.com most of the time. Sometimes I use DuckDuckGo.com. They are both good. The Google Search Engine is Broken. Google started out good but they now have a political bias and agenda and their search engine is broken. It has been revealed that they are using blacklists and other techniques to influence the AI Algorithim to give the results they want you to see. Eric Shmidt has said on video that if Google Search gives more than one anwer it is broken. In addition to being broken they keep a record of eveything you search so they can build a profile on you and make money from your personal data. I refuse to participate and feed them any of my data and I encourage you to follow me and start using StartPage.com or DuckDuckGo.com

Be sure to update your browsers to block bad SSL certs from China


I just updated to the new Firefox 37 and you should too. Both Google and Firefox are now block SSL Certificates from China’s CNNIC Certificate Authority. They have be caught forging invalid certificates and you could be hacked if you visits websites that use these certificates.



Search The Web Anonymously

If you want to have a laugh about searching the web anonymously watch this video which pokes fun at the NSA and Google spying on us.

It’s a knowns fact that lots of people are watching you surf the web. Why not just have a guy with a megaphone yell out what your searching for in public. ShopPrivate.org filmed a man with a megaphone reading over people’s shoulders and announcing what they just typed.

If you want to surf the web privately you can use a search engine https://duckduckgo.com/ which doesn’t track you.

Is WhatsApp safe?

Now that Facebook has purchased WhatsApp everybody is wondering if WhatsApp is safe for texting.

Well, the fact is, WhatsApp has never really been a secure texting app and now that Facebook is the owner your texts will certainly be read and used by Facebook, the NSA and who knows who else.

Facebook recently made some changes to it’s Android mobile app requesting access to all your text messages. If you want to use their app you have to accept the permission update. I’m sure the same will be true for WhatsApp soon.

If you want a secure text application look at my Threema Review

Apples Goto Fail

Did Apple Give The NSA A Back Door Into Your Computer and iPhone?

A major computer code fail was found in Apple’s SSL security check has gone seemingly un-noticed for years.

There’s been a website put up that will show if your system is vulnerable at http://gotofail.com


As of this writing you should run an update immediately on any Apple device you have anyway to update the operating system and fix this supposed error that was missed by Apple for so long.

If you want to learn more about the nitty gritty details of this bug listen to Security Now Broadcast 444

Security Now w/ Steve Gibson

Stay current with Security Now

One of my favorite shows and the best source for Security & Privacy related issues on the internet is the Security Now show with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. There are lots of great shows on Twit so definitely check it out.

They get a little technical sometimes, but it’s a great show to listen to even if you don’t understand it all.

I try to distill the great information they give out there and make it more understandable for the non techie person.


Thank you for your support!

The world wide support of #STOPTHENSA and The Day We Fought Back was great.

Thank you for your support. Together we demonstrated against the NSA and hopefully things will change.

Here’s some of the initial numbers

37,000,000 saw the banner, 555,000 emails were sent, 89,000 calls were made, 301,000 signatures were obtained, 1,000,000 homepage visitors, and we trended on twitter at 84,000 tweets of #STOPTHENSA.

See more info here at https://thedaywefightback.org/the-results/

Do Not Track Me

Do Not Track Me – Chrome Browser Extension

Keep your browsing habits safe from prying eyes with the Do Not Track Me browsing extension for Goolge Chrome.

Many big companies are paying good money to know what your looking at and buying online. Advertisers never had it so good before. No they can purchase data about you and your online activity and target you with very specific ads.

Maybe one day you’re looking a running shoes online and there’s a company that caters to runners, they could buy that information and target you with more products you may like. On the one hand it’s kind of nice to see only what you’re interested in, but say you go online and look up the weird rash you have that just came out of no where. You could be targeted with a whole new set of ads you don’t want to see flashing at you every time you get online.

If you install the Do Not Track me Chrome Extension it will keep your browsing habits private to you.

Here’s a little video I did to show you how to get the extension.


Join the movement to #STOPTHENSA from mass surveillance


In January 2012 we defeated the SOPA and PIPA censorship legislation with the largest Internet protest in history. Today we face another critical threat, one that again undermines the Internet and the notion that any of us live in a genuinely free society: mass surveillance.

In celebration of the win against SOPA and PIPA two years ago, and in memory of one of its leaders, Aaron Swartz, we are planning a day of protest against mass surveillance, to take place this February 11th.

Together we will push back against powers that seek to observe, collect, and analyze our every digital action. Together, we will make it clear that such behavior is not compatible with democratic governance. Together, if we persist, we will win this fight.

Join the movement https://thedaywefightback.org