Do Not Track Me

Do Not Track Me – Chrome Browser Extension

Keep your browsing habits safe from prying eyes with the Do Not Track Me browsing extension for Goolge Chrome.

Many big companies are paying good money to know what your looking at and buying online. Advertisers never had it so good before. No they can purchase data about you and your online activity and target you with very specific ads.

Maybe one day you’re looking a running shoes online and there’s a company that caters to runners, they could buy that information and target you with more products you may like. On the one hand it’s kind of nice to see only what you’re interested in, but say you go online and look up the weird rash you have that just came out of no where. You could be targeted with a whole new set of ads you don’t want to see flashing at you every time you get online.

If you install the Do Not Track me Chrome Extension it will keep your browsing habits private to you.

Here’s a little video I did to show you how to get the extension.

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