VPN Diagram

Do you need VPN?

With Internet privacy becoming such a huge issue more and more people are asking Do I need a VPN? Learn what a VPN is and why you need one in this blog post.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

Typical Use of A VPN

When companies have offices in multiple locations or remote staff they often use a VPN to allow their staff connect to private services that would normally only be available if they were connected to the physical network at the home office.

Work at Home Example

Let’s say you work from home and you need to connect to a special database or program that you normally only have access to from your work computer and it’s not a web application like Facebook. Your company could setup a VPN that allows you to connect through the public Internet to the home office network and have a PRIVATE and SECURE access into the company network to access all the same stuff you would have access at work.

The VPN creates a secure tunnel that connects you directly to work network and it’s secured by strong encryption technologies. So even from a coffee shop with FREE Wifi you could use your office programs securely.

Using a VPN to Protect Your Privacy and Identity Online

There are many companies that have setup VPN servers all over the world for the general public to use.

So, instead of using a VPN to connect to your work, you use these VPN services to connect to the regular Internet.

Why use a VPN to connect when I can connect without it?

The key reason is the strong data encryption and private tunnel that a VPN provides which hides you from those that may be spying on you.

VPN Diagram

VPN Diagram

Here are some great reasons to use a VPN

  • Your internet service provider may be blocking access to certain websites. For instance, China blocks a lot of websites like Google and Facebook. So you could use a VPN to act like you are surfing the web from another country and access those websites.
  • Your internet service provider may be collecting data about your web usage and creating a profile to sell to others or report you to government agencies.
  • When using FREE Wifi networks your data may be captured by nefarious hackers wanted to steal you identity.
  • If you want to keep your data safe from any prying eyes and companies that want to track you across the internet.

Should I use a FREE or Paid VPN Service?

You can easily find a FREE VPN services with a quick Google search, but I recommend you don’t use them. Why? Well basically you are letting that person or company spy on everything you do. It could be a hacker stealing passwords and credit cards or it could be the NSA or some other spy organization looking to steal data about people.

You need to your a paid service that has a lot of servers all over the world that is known and trusted by many people.

Be sure read my review of the VPN service I use called Hide My Ass

Be Safe,
Wayne Wallace