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Are your passwords secure?

The first step in gaining some level of privacy and security is to make sure you have a good strong passwords that are hard to crack and a good safe way to store those passwords for easy access. Visit my review of LastPass Password Protection Software.

The next step in protecting yourself online is to use a VPN service like Private Internet Access to protect your identity online. A VPN allows you to surf the web anonymously and cover your tracks online. Using the Private Internet Access is essential to protecting your identity while on the web.

Are your test messages secure?

I use Signal by Whisper

In the past I used Threema Secure SMS Texting

Threema Secure SMS Texting

Sending secure sms text messages is a critical part of protecting your privacy. Normal text messages are sent in open text and able to read by your service provider. With the Threema app you will have the most secure communications method available.