Wireless Key Fob Attack – Thieves Can Open Your Car Easily


wireless keyfob

wireless keyfob

If you have a newer car with a wireless key fob device your car can easily be hacked. When most people get home they put their keys on counter and think their car is safe. Now crooks can use a simple amplifier device to make the car think the key fob is close enough and just like that your car is open with no sign of forced entry. In some cases they can even start your car and drive away.

Protecting your car is easy though, just purchase a faraday cage bag and put your keys in it when you are at home or at work. Faraday Cage bags block all signals from reaching the device in the bag, you can even put your cell phone in the Faraday Cage if you don’t want to be tracked. Please purchase your Faraday Cage bag using my Amazon link and support How To Protect Your Privacy web site.

To learn more about how thieves can hack your car and other devices you own listen to Security Now on Twit.


Search The Web Anonymously

If you want to have a laugh about searching the web anonymously watch this video which pokes fun at the NSA and Google spying on us.

It’s a knowns fact that lots of people are watching you surf the web. Why not just have a guy with a megaphone yell out what your searching for in public. ShopPrivate.org filmed a man with a megaphone reading over people’s shoulders and announcing what they just typed.

If you want to surf the web privately you can use a search engine https://duckduckgo.com/ which doesn’t track you.